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In the end, it's my clients who get the last word.Here's what they have to say...

Val, The Christmas pictures you took of Taylor are wonderful! You captured the very essence of Taylor's personality. Every single person (literally) that saw them said that they were the best photographs they had seen. Your work is more than just photography; it is truly artistic brilliance. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Kim

Val, Thank you so much for the pictures. You are so talented, when I watched the slideshow I was sobbing because you were able to capture Ian so well. I am so thankful to you for the memories you have given us. I will treasure these pictures forever and ever. Thank you again so much, I can't tell you enough what these pictures mean to me. Thanks,Deanna

Val,OH MY GOD... I CAN'T EVEN SPEAK RIGHT NOW.. JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU HOW AMAZING the pictures are. THANK YOU .. THANK YOU.. give me a little bit to process and I will get with you to what I want to order.. YOU TRULY ARE BLESSED WITH such TALENT.. thank you,Kerrie

First of all, I need to express how absolutely beautiful the pictures are.... Val, they are amazing. You managed to capture not only her expressions, but her sparkle and that little inner spirit that we see in her eyes everyday. Chris and I are so grateful to you that we will always have these pictures. The most difficult part will be trying to choose!!! I honestly do not know how we will do it! You did a magnificent job!!!! ... I literally cried watching the slideshow.Michele

Val,You have a gift. Your photographs capture precious moments in time. For me, it is that special smile, the wonder in my children's eyes and the perfection of their skin. When I look at the photographs, I see my children as they really are. You are a pleasure to work with -- kind, professional and creative. I look forward to having you photograph as my children grow.Thanks,Kim

Hey Val,We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the warm feeling of just our family in your private studio, with a living room atmosphere, focusing on our baby. Other places have been overcrowded, running late, rushed when it was our turn and we were lucky to get a good shot.You know exactly how to pose my little one; we just ohhhed and ahhhed at our baby! We loved not being rushed, enjoying the experience with you and KNOWING we were getting beautiful pictures of our child. That's your difference. I can't wait to come back for another fun and memorable event! (not to mention the outcome!)Elysia

Absolutely stunning! You captured the best of both children. We are going to have a tough time choosing. I am so glad that I decided to do this and a big thanks to Jennifer for recommending you. The children had a wonderful time, too. Polly

Thanks again for the wonderful pictures. I look at them everyday and can't believe how beautiful they are. After sharing my on line proof gallery and sending out the birth announcement, I received phone calls from friends and family who were honestly teary eyed from the tenderness you were able to capture. You really do have the gift of photography. Catherine